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One of the major contributors to neck and head pain costing clients and workplaces lost time and money is their workstations and offices.

An uncomfortable workstation can be a trigger to many musculoskeletal conditions including: neck and back pain, wrist, shoulder hip and lower limb complaints.

Our Physiotherapists can provide you with all the information to help you assess and correct your workstation.

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Information for patients
  • Workstation Risk Assessment (Victorian State Government Assessment Template)  - download
  • Why posture matters A4 flyer- download 
  • Optimal desk set up A4 flyer-  download
  • How to sit tall at your desk and car- download 
  • Part 1- Standing desks are better for you?-  read more
  • Part 2- What do I need to know about standing desks?-  read more
  • Are tablets and smart devices bad for your posture-  read more
  • "Text neck"-  how smartphones can cause postural issues-  read more 
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Factor that affect posture

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