New Patient Information

It is with great pleasure that we welcome and thank you for choosing us to help assist you. 
We look forward to seeing you at your appointment.

Prior to this session we thought we would share with you some information about your upcoming session .

If you need directions to Physica Ringwood  or Physica Yarra Valley please Click here or the google Map icon below.  You can use this on the day to assist with directions through your smartphone.

Things you need to know

We try to run appointments on time. In order to do this, we also ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your first appointment.  When you arrive please make your way to the front desk as we will have some forms and questions for you to fill out on your first session. You may have been sent these forms via email if yu booked online- dont worry you dont have to fill them in twice.

Even for subsequent appointments we ask that you arrive 5 mins before your session.

Service Fees

Our rates are as follows:

Physica Ringwood
  • Private Initial consultation: $98
  • Private Standard/subsequent consultations $90
  •  Private Extended consultation:$98 for all new conditions or if you have not been for >12 months to allow extra time for assessment.

We are preferred providers for Medibank Private at  Physica Ringwood.

Physica Yarra Valley
  • Private Initial consultation: $88
  • Private Standard/subsequent consultations $82
  •  Private Extended consultation:$88 for all new conditions or if you have not been for >12 months to allow extra time for assessment.

We are preferred providers for BUPA at Physica Yarra Valley.

We accept Workcover, TAC, DVA and Medicare EPC referrals.

We have HICAPS health fund terminal at the clinic which can process your Private Health rebates on the spot.

How much will I get back through my private health fund?

Each fund and policy are different. We can swipe your card and give you a quote prior to your consultation or you can download and use the use of HICAPS GO app to check your fund and service entitlements.  Whilst we can tell you the fees over the phone the terminal does not easily do this without your card.

What do I do if I am running late? 

We understand that everyone has busy lives and that things can pop up. In most cases we can work around a 5 min delay but would appreciate a phone call letting us know. If you are going to delayed much more than this we suggest speaking with our administration team on rescheduling your session. A late arrival may will reduce the time available to our practioners and a very late arrival has flow on delays on other patients scheduled after you.

What to bring?

We suggest you bring as much information about your condition as possible. Previous x-rays/scans or online access to radiology portals are invaluable. Our practitioners are skilled at reading x-rays and use this as a crucial part of our initial assessment. Any other tests you may have had and letters from specialists is also valuable.  We have online access to Imaging Associates, MIA, Capital radiology and Eastern Health.

In some occasions we need to see other things that can impact on your condition such as your running shoes, or photos of your work environment.

It is always good to bring a water bottle and a small towel if you’re doing any of our exercise classes such as Clinical Pilates or Hydrotherapy.

We do take pride in our clinic and we do ask not to wear muddy shoes or bring in food that may end up on our carpets.

What to wear?

During your Physiotherapy session the key is that you are comfortable. In most cases we will just need to access the area that we are treating. So, if we are treating your knee we would suggest to wear loose pants or shorts where possible, if we are treating your neck a tee shirt or crop top would be suitable. We have towels to help with covering you up and keeping you comfortable


We do have onsite parking at both Physica locations.

We have disabled car parking at the front of the building near wheelchair friendly entry ramp.

In some occasions during busy periods the carpark can get busy. If you are concerned about parking there is parking in surrounding streets.

Any other questions?

Our team are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us any time before your first session.

kind regards

Team Physica