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Important Information Regarding Pilates Classes

From 1st April 2019 the Private Health Insurance (PHI) rules are changing and Health Insurers will no longer be permitted to provide a rebate for 'Pilates' classes. These changes have been brought in as part of the Governments review into Natural Therapies and their subsequent removal from claimable items through Health insurance.  The reform of Natural Therapies was designed to eliminate rebates for non-evidence-based therapies, and not intended to impact Physiotherapy.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has lobbied hard for Physiotherapy and has recently confirmed that "Pilates-informed exercises prescribed by a Physiotherapist as part of an individualised program will continue to receive rebates in one-on-one, group and class settings"

Rest assured the service we offer at Physica is compliant with the new legislation, we currently provide individualised exercise programs to clients based on an assessment with a physiotherapist. Our programs utilise pilates based equipment in addition to Red Cord and functional strength and conditioning.

Sessions eligible for rebates by private insurers cannot consist solely of "Pilates" and therefore cannot be called Pilates. Our group physio classes will now be called "Physica Active".

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You will still be able to claim a rebate from the service we offer. You can expect the same great service with group classes run by a Physiotherapist and adjusted to suit your individual needs.

  • Our classes will continue to be claimable through Private Health Insurers (PHI) Extras cover as "Group Consultations, Physiotherapy Item 560".
  • If you have not participated in our group physio classes before, an Initial Assessment prior to your first class is necessary in order to claim PHI rebates.