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Concussion  can occur after mild to severe head trauma.  The signs and symptoms of concussion can be varied and can include mild headache to severe cognitive functional loss. 

At Physica we offer the assessment and rehabilitation of people with concussion.

A typical initial assessment will examine the history and assess the symptoms of the concussion.  Our team will then create a treatment and rehabilitation plan and provide you with an expected timeframe for return to normal sports or activities.

Initial Consultation:  60 mins 

Follow up  concussion consultations: 40 mins 

Consultations are eligible for health fund rebates.  

Do I require a concussion assessment?

If you answer YES to any of the below effects following a head contact you will benefit from concussion assessment.

If after your head trauma it was reported that you had any of the following: 

  • A dazed or vacant look
  • Lying motionless on the ground/ slow to get up
  • Unsteady on feet/balance problems or falling over / incoordination
  • Loss of consciousness or responsiveness
  • Confused / not aware of plays or events
  • Seizure /fits
  • More emotional/irritable than normal
  • Grabbing or clutching their head

Symptoms of concussion:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Mental clouding, confusion or feeling slowed down
  • Visual problems
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fatigue/ Drowsiness
  • "Pressure in the head"
  • Sensitivity to light or noise

Please contact our team or book online with one of our concussion Physiotherapists.

what is  Concussion 
  • Disturbance or injury to the brain or surrounding tissue

  • Changes in brain structure, pathways and ultimately function

  • Normally following contact to the head or elsewhere on the body that shakes the brain inside your head



Typically the onset of symptoms is rapid, however in some cases signs and symptoms of concussion can be delayed, evolving over the coming hours or the next 1 -2 days
stages of concussion


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Concussion rehabilitation is a service we offer at Physica by some of our select Physiotherapists. 

To book a session please select "Concussion  Physiotherapy"-  note this is not available for all physiotherapists at all locations.

To find out more you can fill in the form above or call our team on 03 9870 8193 


Concussion Physiotherapists at Physica
Physica Ringwood

Anthony D'Aloisio

Anthony is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who has trained and worked extensively in Concussion Assessment and Management.

Overseas he has worked with Motorsport Race Car Drivers in the UK and Rugby Union players in New Zealand. Here he played a role in implementing Matchday Concussion Management Protocols and Return to Sport criteria.

Locally he has worked with Australian Rules Footballers and Cricketers.


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  • coach and sports trainer education and training for the signs and early management of concussion.
  • learn how to manage one off or recurrent concussion in the players 


  • List of signs and symptoms of concussion -  download
  • AFL concussion protocol -download
  • Concussion recognition tool- download
  • Rugby Smart NZ - link
  • Concussion return to sport  Rugby NZ-  link
  • Graduated Return to sport-  Rugby NZ-  link
Learn how to manage concussion

Anthony takes you on a journey from how concussion should be managed. From time of injury to a return to sport or normal activity. 

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Our concussion physiotherapists
Chris Teh
Physiotherapist - Physica Knoxfield

B. Physio. (Hons) - Neck Back Pain | Sports Injuries | Knee and Arthritis | Post Surgery Rehab
Darren Ross
Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist- Partner - Physica Ringwood

Bach Physio, M . Physio (Manip) - Shoulder rehabilitation (rotator cuff/dislocations and replacements) | Headache | Elbow rehabilitation (tennis and golfers elbow, elbow fractures) | Running injuries | Sporting Injuries in children
Anthony D’Aloisio
Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist - Physica Ringwood

M. Physio. (Musc), B. Physio (Hons) - Neck, mid-back and low back pain | Post-concussion management | Headache associated disorders |Sports biomechanical assessments | Chronic Back Pain

We can offer your sports club
  • concussion screening
  • concussion rehabilitation and management advice
  • return to sports certification
  • tailored information sessions for your medical team/trainers, team managers, and coaches to help identify and manage players who may have had acute head trauma