Introducing Physica Falls and Balance

Falls are a major issue in our ever-aging community. They typically affect a person’s mobility and confidence. They are one of the predominant reasons for elderly isolation and can often result in loss of independence and adversely affect one's quality of life. The fantastic thing is that in many cases, falls risk can be reduced and falls prevented. In most cases, people show a very rapid improvement in function and independence when guided through appropriate exercises and falls prevention strategies.

Tailored Falls Sessions

Our clinic runs very successful falls and balance program. Clients are assessed and either managed individually or encouraged to join one of our falls and balance classes. Improving balance involves correction of strength, coordination, and gait impairments, education about falls prevention, and prescription and advice for safe use of gait aids. We often work with other professionals such as your doctor to review medication, optometrists for visual assessments, and podiatrists for footwear and diabetes management.

All sites undertake balance assessments and can assist in balance retraining. Formal balance classes are offered weekly. Contact your nearest clinic to find out more information on class times.


- Exercise Safely
- Strengthen your body
- Reduce falls risk


Fall constitute a significant cost to our healthcare system and in many cases, leads to mortality and decreased confidence and independence within an individual. Our falls prevention program helps people who are unsteady or who have lost confidence through the assessment and treatment of balance disorders. This is available either one on one or in our regular balance classes. It is available at our Ringwood and Chirnside Park clinics.


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Please speak to our reception staff if you are interested in joining this class at physica ringwood.

An initial falls and balance assessment is required prior to attending the class.
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