Using AI to help with our Clinical Notes and Medical Letters

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Title: “Enhancing Your Physiotherapy Experience with”

At Physica, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care. A fundamental aspect of this commitment is the accurate and thorough documentation of your clinical journey, ensuring that your health needs are met effectively. In our quest for excellence, we have incorporated an innovative tool,, into our practice. This AI-powered solution is transforming how we document your progress and enhancing communication within our medical team. In this article, we’ll explain how benefits you, our valued patients.

Efficient Clinical Documentation: represents a groundbreaking development in healthcare documentation. Rather than replacing the expertise of our physiotherapists, it complements their skills. This tool streamlines the documentation process, which translates into a more efficient and focused physiotherapy session for you.

Your Data Privacy and Security:
Protecting your privacy and data security is paramount. ensures that your information is treated with the utmost care. It begins with your explicit consent at the start of each session. Your data is retained for only the necessary 30-day period, and robust encryption is employed to safeguard your information during transmission and the storage of your clinical notes is in our current pracice management system.

Enhanced Clinical Notes: integrates seamlessly into our workflow, resembling traditional note-taking initially. However, it truly shines when your session concludes. By utilizing audio transcripts, it generates detailed clinical notes. This enhances the accuracy of your records and allows our physiotherapists to focus on your care rather than manual note-taking.

Empowering Your Engagement:
To maximize the benefits of this tool, we’ve refined our communication to ensure all crucial details are captured during your session. This not only improves the accuracy of your records but also encourages your active involvement in shaping your treatment plan. We believe in fostering collaboration between you and our team.

Comprehensive Patient Summaries & Letters: also excels at generating patient summaries and medical letters using your clinical notes. This feature ensures that you receive comprehensive summaries that cover the reason for your visit, key symptoms, treatment provided, home exercise programs, and future treatment plans. This level of detail ensures continuity of care and keeps you well-informed about your progress.

Flexible and Convenient:
In addition to AI-generated notes, offers flexibility. Our physiotherapists can input pre-authored notes when necessary, further tailoring your experience and ensuring consistency in our documentation.

Streamlined Documentation, Improved Care:
The integration of into our practice has brought about significant benefits for both our physiotherapists and, most importantly, you, our patients. It reduces administrative burdens, allowing our team to focus on your care. The use of for audio transcriptions improves the quality and consistency of your clinical notes, ultimately enhancing the quality of your physiotherapy experience.

Embrace the Future of Physiotherapy:
We invite you, our valued patients, to embrace the future of physiotherapy with us. is designed to enhance your experience, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of care and communication. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how benefits you, please feel free to reach out to us. As we move forward in this era of healthcare innovation, stands as a symbol of progress, committed to elevating your care and your physiotherapy experience with us.

Behind the scenes, Darren, has been collaborating closely with software engineers to ensure that is not only optimized for use in our clinical practice but is also poised to benefit healthcare across various domains. His efforts are geared towards making this innovative tool adaptable and beneficial for the broader healthcare community.