Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome


The tarsal tunnel is an area at the inside of the ankle, where a fibrous tissue called the flexor retinaculum, forms a tunnel with the ankle bones. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is where the nerve, (Tibial Nerve) becomes compressed, which causes numbness at the sole of the foot or part of the foot.

This condition can be caused from a variety of reasons from a flattened foot posture, bony spurs, ganglions, tendon inflammation, benign tumours, foot and ankle fractures or trauma, through to arthritis and diabetes.

Tarsal tunnel Syndrome can also be responsible for a variety of symptoms, from swelling, pain, electric shock pains, pins and needles and burning. All of which may radiate up to the knee.

Any swelling at the area, can also make this condition worse.

There are tendons, blood vessels, that also travel in this arch and they also pass through the tarsal tunnel and they too may also become compressed.

Tarsal tunnel Syndrome is usually aggravated with prolonged standing, walking or running and is often worse at night.

The Physiotherapists at Physica, are able to assess, diagnose and treat tarsal tunnel syndrome. Patients with tarsal tunnel syndrome, can derive good results from physiotherapy treatment.