Red Cord Training

Redcord is a unique and effective concept for functional training. Carefully designed exercises using your own body weight as resistance is at the core of the concept.  Functional exercise with Redcord consists of three dimensional strength training and has a high carry over effect to sporting situations. It is great for improving strength, muscular endurance, coordination, balance and stability. This is what we refer to as functional strength. If you have a weak link in your body… the Redcord will highlight it.

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The Redcord creates an extremely unstable environment for performing exercise, which is fantastic for your body as it is forced to provide extra control to be able to perform the activity. The options for progressing exercises and creating further instability are endless so you can constantly be making things harder as you improve.

The beauty of it is that an unlimited amount of exercises can be performed to cater for everyone from those who are injured right through to high level athletes. There isn’t a muscle in your body that can’t be trained with Redcord. Suspension exercises are effective and useful for anyone who would like to improve their daily function. The exercises are used by therapists, ordinary people and athletes worldwide for rehabilitation, functional activity, injury prevention and performance training. The methods used are backed by science with numerous published scientific articles in reputable journals such as Spine reporting positive results.

If you are interested in Redcord ask your Physiotherapist who will assess your condition and prescribe an individualised exercise program to assist you in returning to health and achieve your goals.


red cordred cord