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PINC and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation

Location:  Physica Knoxfield 

Time- 11am Tuesdays, commencing 26th July 2022

Duration of the class:  The program will run for six weeks.

      • 26 July 2022
      • 2 August 2022
      • 9 August 2022
      • 16 August 2022
      • 24 August 2022
      • 30 August 2022

Cost:  Participation in the classes is funded by PINC and Steel International for cancer patients. We request that you have an assessment with Trish Edwards before your first class to ensure the program can be tailored to your current and future needs. This will incur a one off assessment cost.   

Register: Please register on the PINC & STEEL website by clicking the link below. We will then contact you to organise an assessment and entry into the class.

Class Size:  Maximum of 5 participants per intake.

About the program:

Cancer rehabilitation provides so many benefits to people affected by cancer. It reduces unnecessary disability, restores movement and function and improves the quality of life. There is strong evidence supporting rehabilitation and exercise helping people physically and emotionally, vocationally and socially.

To read more, click here or call Physica Knoxfield on 9764 9359. 

The PINC program is designed for females and the Steel program for males to support people affected by cancer, helping them take their first steps on the road to recovery.

The programs aim to:

  • Ease pain and muscular tension
  • Regain strength and mobility
  • Increase energy levels and improve breathing
  • Strengthen core muscles and improve posture
  • Improve physical functioning and maintain independence
  • Reclaim body confidence and control
  • Reduce treatment-related side effects and
  • shift focus from illness to wellness

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