Welcome to the Physica Cervical Spine Course.

About the Course

This is a 12 module course that deconstructs the complexity of the cervical spine. It is an ideal course for clinicians who graduated within the last 15 years or those who would like to upskill in the musculoskeletal management of cervical spinal conditions.

  • Module 1- Cervical Spine Anatomy Revision
  • Module 2- Cervical Spine Conditions
  • Module 3- Objective Testing of the Cervical Spine
  • Module 4- Mobilisation of the Cervical Spine
  • Module 5- Treatment Progression
  • Module 6- VBI screening of the Cervical Spine
  • Module 7- Manipulation of the cervical spine
  • Module 8- Posture assessment
  • Module 9- Neurodynamics
  • Module 10- Cx spine motor control and Exercise Prescription
  • Module 11- Radiology of the Cx spine
  • Module 12- Surgery and Interventional Medicine

Cost: AUD$120

Prerequisites: Bachelor degree or higher in Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy

PD Points– 20CPD points

Hours- 20 hours

Recommendations: – It is suggested that you create small working groups with peers to practice techniques outlined in this course.

Support– Online support is available through the course forum from other peers as well as online through email contact.


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  • What is the Physica Cervical Course?
  • What is the refund policy?
  • How long does it take to complete the SPhysica Cervical Course?
  • How often is each course in the Physica Cervical Course offered?
  • What background knowledge is necessary?
  • Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?
  • What will I be able to do upon completing the Physica Cervical Course?

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