Total knee and hip rehab

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The team at Physica are offering your clients a FREE pre-op and post op rehab app tailored to your TKR and THR surgical protocols.

Pre - Operative Preparation (Prehab Module) 

  • 4-6 week prehab program 
  • For best results, this app is used used in conjunction with in-rooms physiotherapy provided by our experienced Physica team.
  • Regular pre-operative information feeds from both yourself as the surgeon as our Physio team
  • Exercise compliance and outcome tracking

Suitable for improving strength, mobility prior to surgery, and preparing the patient for the pending surgery.


Post - Operative Preparation (Rehab Modules) 

  • Weekly milestones
  • Three phase rehab program
  • Weekly checkin from both yourself and our rehab team
  • Monitored support portal by our team
  • Optional Hydrotherapy module
  • Rehab compliance, pain and outcome tracking

Ideal for maximizing patient compliance and recovery after either TKR or THR surgery. Our team is one of the most experienced team of Physiotherapists in Australia and will support your patients along the journey.

For best results, this app is used used in conjunction with in-rooms physiotherapy provided by our experienced Physica team. We recommend staged in-rooms or telehealth physiotherapy sessions. 

If you are interested in integrating this into your pre and post operative care please contact Darren Ross on 9870 8193.


  • How does it cost?
    • This program is FREE to all affiliated Orthopaedic surgeons and their clients (Melbourne, Australia).  If you are interstate or outside of Australia we can offer this program at a small cost. 

  • What technology is needed for patients to access the program?
    • This works on all Iphone and Android smart phones via an App.  We access in an option if someone does not have a smart device.

  • What is required from me to set up the program?
    • We would require you to fill out some additional information about your rehab protocol for both THR and TKR so that we can set up a custom program.
    •  For best results we would work with you to record approx 6-8 , 1-2 minute videos that we would upload at milestone stages.  This recording would take approx 60-90 minutes.

  •  Can you set me up a sample of the app?
    • Yes, we can send you a link to show you a demo example of a TKR app. Please contact Darren Ross for more information 

  • How would my patients access the program?
    • We would provide you with a customised flyer that has a link /QR code for streamlined access.  We would then set your patient with access.

  • What are the costs for additional telehealth or in-rooms sessions? 
    • These are provided at our normal consultation rates. Please see our Patient Information  Page for up to date rates. Our admin team can also provide patients with expected out of pocket expenses.  Physica also accepts Medicare Care Plans.
    • Your patients would have a choice of all three of our locations, with their program accessible by any of our practitioners. 
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The Total Knee Physica rehab project has been supported by a grant from the Knox City Council Business Support Grants.