health apps

Below are a list of useful health apps that we find useful for our clients.  These may be for exercise or lifestyle  behaviour modification. If you come across any others that you would like our team to evaluate please contact us.

5 stars

We have chosen only to add in apps that we consider worthy of five stars for health.  Each app has its pros and cons which we try outline.

Disclaimer-  we are not affiliated with any of the apps we have reviewed. Physica subscribes as a clinic to Physitrack but has not other affiliation with any of the apps listed below.  each of the apps is available on both IOS and Android devices.



Purpose of the app:

  • customised rehabilitation


Physitrack is our favourite health app. Physitrack gives us the ability to customise an exercise program for your individual needs.

Physitrack has an extensive library as well as hundreds of videos and exercises we have added. The app also enables you to track your pain levels, alert your practitioner of issues with an activity and is set up for telehealth consultations.

PROS:  fully customisable by your Physica clinician

You are not able to add in your own exercises unless you do in conjunction with your clinician.



Purpose of the app:

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation

Headspace is an excellent app to assist in learning the skill of relaxation and meditation. Headspace offers ten free sessions and then a paid option. In many cases, the free content is an excellent start to helping with improving your mindset and sleeping.  To read more

Pro: Excellent introduction to meditation and mindfulness

Con: The paid version is quite an investment at approx $12 per month.

Down Dog


 Purpose of the app:

  • Yoga

Downdog is the best Yoga apps I have come across. It provides an excellent yoga platform for all abilities. Whether new to yoga or an experienced Yogi. It allows you to create and build a program for the time you have available (3 mins to 90min session) with each session varying in the content. The app is always being updated and improved.

Free Version- This is suitable for most users. Personally, I used the free version for the first 12 months then upgraded to the paid version once I realised I was using it and found the benefit.

Paid version- gives you the ability to boost areas, tailoring programs to body regions.

Tip- lookout for the once a year sale which gives you annual access for a really reasonable price approx $20 per year.  To read more on iTunes

Pro:  Session variation keeps you engaged, so you are not always doing the same session. Able to progress from Beginner 1 to Advanced. You can fast track exercises that you find difficult or should not be doing due to health reasons.

Cons: Only able to boost or target areas in the paid version. I feel this is appropriate as they do need to have some reason for an upgrade so this functionality is not a downside.

Couch to 5km


Purpose of the app:

  • Fitness

Couch to 5km is a fantastic app to help people do exactly what it says. Get you from being sedentary to running 5kms!

The benefit of this app is that guides people through a gentle walk to walk-jog then progresses you to running 5kms.

So if you have a goal of getting into running and want to do it slowly check with your physio whether this app is suitable for you. 

To read more on iTunes

Pros: Gentle progression.

Con: Again, not a con but a suggestion. We would suggest working with your physio as sometimes you may want to slow down the rate of progression and the session frequency if you are recovering from an injury.



Purpose of the app:

  • Chronic pain management

Curable is a unique app that when used with your health professionals, can be a very powerful tool.  

The app works through educating you about pain science, central nerve sensitisation and working with and through chronic pain. The information is delivered in an easy to understand way, but due to the nature of chronic pain, we recommend integrating this app with your medical health professionals to optimise the outcome. The app isn't cheap at $12-15 per month, but in many cases, when you have had chronic pain, this is a small investment to help you regain aspects of your day to day life.

To read more about curable visit the curable website 

Waking Up


Purpose of the app:

  • mindfulness

Waking up is a very well build mindfulness tool. Not only does this app give you well-structured medication and mindfulness session, but it also delivers the content and science behind it. Developed by Sam Harris and his team, you can't fault the way this app has been developed. 

Pros: If mindfulness and clearing a busy head is your goal, then this is worth a look.

Cons: It can be costly for the full paid annual version. You need to do the trial and then decide if you are going to take the plunge. You also cant easily find the pricing until you sign up. So have a good test and do your homework before handing over your credit card in saying that the reviews on iTunes and android do speak volumes.

To read more about waking up visit the waking up website