Dry Needling

Many of our clinicians use dry needling, a form of acupuncture, to compliment their hands on treatment techniques.

Dry Needling is a method by which the clinician inserts a needle into the skin to penetrate the muscle.  Commonly, myofascial trigger points are targeted to help to produce pain relief.  A trigger point is a painful band of muscle that has a common referral pattern.  That is, the trigger point can be the source of localised pain as well as pain in other areas of the body.

  • Assessment

    Identify what is going on for you and what the source of the problem is

  • Treatment

    Provide you with treatment to get you moving in the right direction immediately

  • Plan

    Create a tailored solution to help you get the results that you want personally

What does the treatment involve?

Dry needling is the use of solid, sterile needles for therapy. This contrasts the use of hollow needles to inject substances.

 The use of a solid needle has been shown to produce pain relief in muscles and connective tissue.

Analgesia produced by needling a pain spot has been called the needle effect.

Please ask when booking should you wish to have dry needling to ensure you are seeing one of our clinicians that offers this form of therapy.

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Dry needling is an option for the treatment of manay musculoskeletal issues. Dry needling is commonly used by some our practioners at Chirnside Park and Ringwood.