Core Performance

What is Redcord?

REDCORD can be used to provide all levels of muscular training and rehabilitation. It is effective with post surgical or post injury recovery, and is also used for fitness, strength and conditioning for the most elite athletes. It brings a new dimension to the services we have at Physica. “Cadel Evans, World Champion 2009, has used Redcord a lot in his preparation as a world class Pro cyclist.”

Redcord is an exercise based suspension system that is used to challenge the body in different ways.  Redcord can either be used to enhance support for the body to make exercises more achievable, or to create a challenging unstable environment to optimise neurodynamic control and motor patterns to achieve optimal results and performance.

If challenge is your goal, Redcord is the answer.

Core advanced is an exercise class designed for active people who require improved core stability to improve function and decrease pain or symptom. We use Redcord, Pilates and strength equipment and body weight to take your strength and core stability to the next level.