Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) is a common complaint amongst the community. It is defined by pain lasting longer than three months that is located in the lower back. Best estimates from current research suggest a prevalence of 22% in the community.

85% of LBP is non-specific, no known anatomical cause. Patients presenting with NSCLBP (non-specific chronic low back pain) have large variability in their posture and muscle control. Historically, this has resulted in difficulties in managing these patients and applying effective treatment.

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A new approach to CLBP has been developed by a Perth based physiotherapist, Peter O’Sullivan. This involves a classification based system where patients are grouped into categories and specific treatment is applied to each group.

This multi-dimensional approach considers all possible contributing factors in CLBP such as posture, work demands, past trauma, psychological inputs and patient beliefs in relation to movement.

Results from this approach are encouraging on a case by case basis, although further research is required to establish strong evidence.

Other research has shown that exercise such as pilates and general strengthening can be an effective form of treatment in some individuals.

All Physica staff are trained in the O’Sullivan classification system for CLBP. We will consider all contributing factors and classify your condition and apply a targeted rehabilitation program to return you to optimum health.