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COVID-19 Season Break Program 

We have designed a 6 week FREE fitness program designed by physiotherapists for domestic and rep players.
Use this program to help build your strength, agility and core to prepare for the upcoming season.

Exceed your potential

Get the leap over your competition.

We are also undertaking in clinic and telehealth (if self-isolating) basketball screening  assessments.
These assessments review everything from your footwear, running style, vertical leap, agility, strength, flexibility, current injuries and create a recommended action plan and a customised rehab app to assist your performance. 
Contact us for more information.

Under 14


  • Downloadable app
  • FREE 6 week basketball program
  • Track your progress in app
  • Support portal
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Disclaimer –  Advice in this program is general and should not be undertaken if you have any medical /health issues.  Please read and consent to the disclaimer at This program is not suitable for children under age of 10.