Bakers cyst

Baker’s Cyst A Baker’s cyst is a benign swelling that occurs at the back of the knee. This swelling is usually resultant of osteoarthritis, cartilage damage or a meniscal tear. As the swelling increases the membrane encompassing the knee joint can bulge causing a noticeable lump behind the knee. 

Many Baker’s cysts require no treatment, only a few become symptomatic and cause acute pain. In rare cases cysts can be aspirated, injected or even surgically removed. Ice packs and exercises may also be effective in treating symptoms from a Baker’s cyst. However, in most cases, the diagnosis and treatment of a Baker’s cyst should not be centred around the cyst itself but rather the underlying cause. Physiotherapists are well placed to assist in the diagnosis and management of knee joint osteoarthritis, meniscal tears and cartilage damage.