Physica REMAINS OPEN for face to face treatment of people with musculoskeletal problems.

From 28th September 2020, there will be an easing of restrictions for Physiotherapy. We are able to offer Physiotherapy for the following face to face services for the following:

  1.  to prevent a significant deterioration in functional independence which would result in
    an escalation of care needs (such as increased frequency in treatment, significant
    increase in pain, specialist input, or a substantial increase in recovery time as a result
    of delayed care)  
  2.  for assessment and diagnostic purposes for those people whose care has been
    delayed during stage 4 restrictions, and where further delay likely to result in
    deterioration (e.g. diagnostic imaging and assessment for prescription of assistive
  3. to provide essential pre-operative or post-operative elective surgical care.

Physica is committed to providing a safe environment for both you and our staff that enables this to happen.
For patients who cannot attend the clinic we offer fully functional telehealth services.
Additional details from Chief Allied Health Officer -  can be viewed here