Radiology for Physiotherapists/Physical Therapy

Radiology for Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists

About the Course

This seven week, inter-disciplinary course provides an introduction to advanced clinical skills for the cervical spine.  It considers challenges in complex clinical health related and reproductive testing/screening focusing on six specific areas:

The course uses case studies to illustrate key themes in genomic translation. Students will have an opportunity to interrogate and critique a promising science through lectures and readings from a range of disciplinary perspectives (e.g. history, sociology, genetics, medicine, bioethics) and online discussion.


Bachelor degree or higher in Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy

PD Points

– 20CPD points


20 hours


– It is suggested that you create small working groups with peers to practice techniques outlined in this course.

– Online support is available through the course forum from other peers as well as online through email contact.


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Module 1 Introduction to Radiology
Unit 1 History of Radiology
Unit 2 What scans can I order as a Physiotherapist?
Unit 3 What are my responsibilities if I do order films?
Module 2 Xrays 101
Unit 1 Interpreting CT scans
Unit 2 What is a CT scan
Module 3 MRI's
Unit 1 What is an MRI
Unit 2 T1/T2 Scans
Module 4 Ultrasound for Physiotherapists
Unit 1 About ultrasound imaging
Unit 2 RTU for TA
Unit 3 RTU for multifidus
Unit 4 Shoulder ultrasound for Physiotherapists
Unit 5 Ultrasound for sporting injuries

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