Ante-natal Pilates

Be strong, fit and ready for pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. Antenatal Pilates is a great option to prepare expecting mums.

It’s an overwhelming and joyous time being an expecting mum, particularly when it’s your first. Going to appointments, exhaustion, aches and pains and morning sickness are common at this time. Your body is changing and life is changing. Often, this beautiful time requires you to prepare and get yourself in tip top shape for the best ride.

What is Antenatal Pilates?
Antenatal classes are tailored for the specific needs of a pregnant woman. Developed and run by Masters trained physiotherapist, Lauren Petersen, the classes are fun, physically challenging, safe and is aimed at giving you the best journey towards motherhood.


Beautiful pregnant woman doing pilates isolated on white background

Pilates is known as an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy because it is low impact and gentle yet focuses on the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles.

In addition, Pilates exercises strengthen and stretch muscle groups that get weak and tight due to the changes that occur in pregnancy. These changes include weight gain and altered weight distribution, the hormone relaxin causing weakness and laxity and altered posture.

Post-natally, Pilates is great in the early stages to improve fitness and regain strength in the deep abdominals, pelvic floor and general strength muscles. This is particularly important due to the demands of carrying and looking after a newborn.

The benefits of staying active and participating in Antenatal Pilates are many:

1) Build strength and fitness
Research on pregnant women indicates that women can safely improve their fitness and strength while pregnant. Exercise improves muscle strength, endurance and tone which allows you to adapt to the changes of pregnancy.

2) Minimize body pains and discomfort
Exercise helps women effectively manage and treat the regular aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Regular exercise helps you to carry the weight gained more effectively.

3) Feel great and have more energy
Pregnant women who continue to exercise report increased energy levels and have improved body image. Sleep is also reported to improve.

4) Better recovery post-partum
Experts report a faster return to their pre-pregnancy shape with antenatal exercise.

5) Meet other expecting mums
There’s nothing like a network of others going through the same things as you. Sharing knowledge and experiences with others can be one of the most rewarding and effective ways to navigate yourself in this time of change.

6) Reduces health risks
Exercise reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes which can develop in pregnancy. Occurring more frequently in overweight women, this could lead to complications in the child’s development.

Physica Antenatal Pilates Classes
We aim to prepare you physically for the journey ahead and we have created a time specifically for expecting mums. This will be on a Thursday evening commencing April 14th. Classes will involve a 40-minute Antenatal Pilates class followed by 20-mins of education with Lauren Petersen, Masters trained Physiotherapist.

Education and Relaxation sessions will include:

  • Information regarding exercising safely in the pre and post-partum periods
  • A presentation from Pelvic Floor and Continence Physiotherapist, Liz Cooke, on the pelvic floor during and after pregnancy
  • Advice and practical sessions on relaxation techniques
  • Information regarding optimising ergonomics during and after pregnancy
  • Active birth skills including positions and breathing techniques for labour

Please speak to our reception staff if you are interested in joining this new and exciting class at Physica Ringwood. An initial Ante-natal pilates assessment is required prior to attending the class.